How to Practice Sight Reading in 15-Minutes-a-Day

How to Practice Sight Reading in 15-Minutes-a-Day

When you are first learning the music notes for piano or any other musical instrument you will want to practice reading lots of easy music to get your note reading reflexes sharp.

In the early stages of learning how to read music or how to sight read music the act of identifying notes is the first hurdle to cross. Once you know the notes of the treble and bass clef I highly recommend you get a great book for sight reading. There are a couple of criteria that I would recommend you look for in a sight reading book, including:

Piano Marvel Review: Interactive Piano Educational Software

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Hi One Minute Music Lesson fans,

Today I want to review some software that I recently found to help you become a better sight-reader and piano player. The program is called Piano Marvel before I jump into my review take a quick look at a previous webinar I gave about Piano Marvel and how you can use it to develop your musical skills.

Piano Marvel Review

When I look at interactive educational software to recommend for my students I am always interested in a few different criteria.

  • Is the program easy to use?
  • Does it help the student break down the learning process?
  • Does it give feedback that is useful?
  • Is it fun?

I can say YES! with certainty that Piano Marvel meets all these requirements and it is my pleasure to share my review with you.

Let's start with the basic premise of this piano lesson/learning software.

The Concept Behind Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is designed to aid you in learning how to play the piano by walking you through 36 graded levels.

Each level contains around 20 lessons. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson and guides you in very small increments along it's teaching path to guarantee your success at each stage. As you complete each lesson the program grades your performance and gives you a score from 0 to 100. The object of the lesson is to earn a trophy and eventually fill up your trophy case as you progress through the lessons.

Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults Alike

Piano Marvel is great for kids because it allows them to earn trophies as they practice in a similar manner to a video game. And though the trophies are fun for adults too, older piano players will appreciate the step-by-step methodic approach to the progressive piano lessons even more.

The software's interface is one of the best I have ever seen and is great because it has many features that make it very useable for any age piano player.

Some of the best features of Piano Marvel

  • Piano Marvel allows you see the sheet music on screen and automatically scrolls as you play, eliminating page turns.
  • You have the option to print any of the musical examples out. This is so vital to forming good practice habits such as using your pencil to make notes and markings on the music.
  • The program allows you to set the speed or the tempo of each lesson to your skill level.
  • The software gives you instant feedback on the notes you have played correctly and the notes that you missed. This feature alone is a game changer.
  • Each of the 1200+ pieces in Piano Marvel's library has an accompaniment track that plays along with you so your practicing is much more engaging and exciting.
  • You can use your mouse at anytime to hover over any note in the music to see the note name and it's position on the piano keyboard.
  • It has a built in video lesson for each of the 36 levels.
  • All 36 levels in the trophy case can be downloaded or printed as complete method books. These books contain additional materials such as diagrams, tests, teacher accompaniments and achievement certificates.

Why it's Better than Most Online Piano Lessons

Unlike may of the free piano lessons you find on YouTube and other video websites Piano Marvel teaches you by using proven piano teaching methods that have been used for centuries and does not dumb down the material. You are not taught how to play songs by just learning what keys to press or by using the Guitar Hero-style interface with falling blocks.

With Piano Marvel you are learning by using a teaching method that builds upon the basics of great piano playing by teaching proper hand positions, real rhythm and note reading skills and enforcing good practice habits with it's features such as the "slicing" tools that break larger pieces into small chunks for easier learning.

The Cheapest Piano Lessons You Will Ever Find ... Ever.

Anyone who has ever tried to learn to play piano knows that piano lessons can be expensive. For less than the price of just one standard piano lesson you will receive 36 video lessons and can use the software as a teacher for an unlimited amount of time for a very reasonable monthly subscription price of just $15.

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Until Next Time ... Practice Smart, Not Hard.

-Leon Harrell