Lesson #4 - Piano Keyboard

The piano keyboard consists of 88 keys.

52 are white, called the naturals, and 36 are black, called the enharmonics, or flats and sharps.

The keyboard is arranged in a pattern of 12 notes, with 2 incomplete patterns on each end of the keyboard.

The pattern of 12 has a smaller sub-pattern or groups of 2 and 3 black keys nested inside it.

To find any key on the keyboard we use the black keys to navigate. Let's start by finding the key C.

Locate the group of 2 black keys. Move just to the left and this white key will be C.

Moving to the right the white keys are D E F G A and B.

The pattern repeats over on the next key C.

To help you remember and more easily see this information visually, you can download the free Piano Keyboard Poster.

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