Lesson #8 - Alto Clef


The alto clef's proper name is the C clef. This is because it's pointer points to middle C.

The C clef is a special clef, because it is a movable clef. Wherever you place the pointer of the C clef that line will be the middle C.

There are 5 possible positions for the C clef, but the most commonly used it the position with the pointer on the middle line, known as the alto clef.

The notes of the clef are from the bottom up, F, G, A, B, C, E, D, F, G.

You can easily remember the lines of the alto clef with the phrase "Fast Ants Can Eat Grass" and the spaces can be remembered with the phrase "Great Big Dragons Fly".

To help you learn and remember the notes of the alto clef here is a FREE ALTO CLEF POSTER DOWNLOAD for you.

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