Wanna Hangout? Introducing OMML Live on Google Hangouts and YouTube Live

Hi One Minute Music Lesson fans,Over the past few months I have been searching for a way to offer the OMML community live video webinars to teach the fundamentals of music theory and ear training for free.

Let's hangout to talk about music!

Recently Google Plus has added the ability to broadcast live video via Google Hangouts and YouTube Live. This new ability will make it possible for me to be able to answer all your questions about music theory and ear training live.

This means there is no more waiting for a response in the comments or email. Also you will get a more detailed answer to your questions with live video and audio.

I'm eager to answer all your questions

I am so excited to be able to interact with all of you and I don't want to waste any more time before I begin my live shows. This may mean we run into a few technical bumps along the way, but I think it will be well worth any of the possible growing pains in this new technology.

I am fairly new to hosting live webinars but am ready to give it a try with my first live broadcast on this Sunday, March 17th at 4pm Central Standard Time.

To get an invitation to join the webinar be sure you have signed up for my free newsletter to get the invitation that will be sent on Sunday.

Currently I am calling these live webinars OMML Live. For the first live show I will be teaching all about my simple tool called the Pitch Wheel. Also I will be teaching you how to memorize scales, chords and intervals with this unique free tool that I have created.

During the show I will also be answering your questions live and offering tips, tricks and advice for building your musical talents.

Join me on Sunday, March 17th @ 4pm Central Standard Time

I know you must be asking "How do I signup?"

To participate in the free webinar you can use Google Hangouts in your free Google Plus account or watch the show directly on YouTube and interact via the comments section.

I will send out the exact link to the webinar to subscribers of my free newsletter later this week with full details of how to participate in the webinar.

Don't come empty handed

I am looking forward to talking with you all this weekend and I encourage you to come prepared with questions. Feel free to ask anything about music and especially music theory and ear training.

Can't wait till Sunday?

If you can't wait till Sunday to get in touch with me then let me know your questions or thoughts in the comments section below. You can also send me questions directly to my email at oneminutemusiclesson@gmail.com anytime.

I hope this new extension of the One Minute Music Lesson will bring you closer to achieving your musical goals and I am anxious to get started with the new live shows soon.

Thanks for following the One Minute Music Lesson,

Until Next Time ... Practice Smart, Not Hard.


  Leon Harrell (about)

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