The Results Are In!

Hi One Minute Music Lesson Fans, Last week I sent a survey to my newsletter subscribers to get some input on what they wanted in the upcoming music theory and ear training academy I am building. You can read more about this academy here.

Here are the results of the questionnaire:

1. When asked "What order of importance to you are the following skills?" people answered with this order of importance:

  • Learn music theory (chords, scales, harmony etc.)
  • How to play music by ear
  • How to read and play chord charts
  • How to compose music and write songs
  • How to improvise on my instrument

2. When asked "Do you know how to read music already?" people replied:

  • Yes, but I need to improve my reading skills. (39%)
  • Sort of, just barely. (34%)
  • No, but I want to learn (14.6%)
  • Yes, very well. (12.4%)
  • No, I am not interested in learning to read music (0%)

3.  When asked "What style of lessons do you prefer? Check all that apply." people replied:

  • Self paced short modules (10 minute video, worksheet, interactive quiz) (62%)
  • Short Video (Less than 10 minutes long) (62%)
  • Textbook with exercises and worksheets (52.5%)
  • Audio with follow-along worksheets (52.5%)
  • Long Video (15 to 30 minutes long) (37.5%)
  • Live group lessons (requires you be present at certain time) (15%)

4. When asked "The first members of the academy will receive 12 live question and answer sessions as a group. What time frame should this be delivered in?" people replied:

  • 12 weeks, 1 live question and answer session every week. (48.8%)
  • 12 days, 1 live question and answer session every day. (36.6%)
  • 24 weeks, 1 live question and answer session bi-monthly. (9.8%)
  • 12 months, 1 live question and answer session every month. (4.9%)
5. When asked "The membership academy will include some of the following elements. Order them in importance to you." people replied with this order of importance:
  • A video library of lessons for each concept
  • A bank of worksheets and exercises to download
  • A printable document library of lessons for each concept
  • A forum for members to interact and ask each other questions and answers
  • Interactive quizzes to ensure you are learning the material
  • A page of all the previous questions and answer calls with Leon Harrell
  • Priority access to help from Leon Harrell

Does this sound right to you? Let me know in the comments below if the results from this survey sound about right of if this is not what you want from the academy?

I will be sending a second survey to further shape the academy's materials. I will send this survey to my newsletter members. If you want to receive an invitation to this survey signup for my free newsletter here.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

Leon Harrell