Sight reading agility

eMusic Theory Piano Keys
eMusic Theory Piano Keys

Do you test your sight reading agility?

Today I wanted to post a tool that is useful for practicing your sight reading agility. This Piano Keys trainer from allows you to adjust the difficulty level from beginners to advanced. This tool is great for a quick warm up before practicing or in between practice on your computer.

Try it on the "Select All" setting and test how good you really are at finding the correct notes quickly. Post your screenshots in the comments below or any other tools you use for practicing sight-reading.

This is one of the resources I will discussing in my new book 30 Days to Reading Music with Ease which is due out Monday, May 28th, 2012. This book will include many more tips, tricks and resources to teach you to read music fluently and eliminate the confusion of musical notation.

Until next time ... Practice Less, Play Better