Guitar Fret Trainer Tool, Learn the Notes of the Fret Board

Fret Finder Screen Shot
Fret Finder Screen Shot

Once again, one of my favorite sites for music theory tools has done it again. This time Ricci Adams site has created a guitar fretboard trainer that is different than any other I've seen.

This Fret Trainer allow you to begin with as many frets as you are comfortable with. You can start with just 1 or adjust up to 12 frets.

Also the tool lets you choose both the flat and sharp names for the pitches in instances where a pitch contains an accidental.

The tool will also keep score as you progress and allow you to print a progress report, which is useful for teachers that want to assign this as a practice method or homework assignment.

If you struggling to learn your guitar frets this adjustable tool may be just the thing you are looking for.

See you next time,

Leon Harrell