Great tool for practicing sight-reading

[Edit from Leon: I've found an even better tool for sight reading. Check it out here.]

When learning to read music you will need materials for practicing. One of the hardest things about learning to sight read is having enough materials so that every example is fresh and truely being read at sight.

This new tool at is the answer to this problem. With this tool you can select a meter, a length of example and a difficulty level. The site will then generate a new example for you to read as well as provide an example of what it will sound like so you can check your accuracy.

I think this is a great tool and I will be using it for material in my new upcoming book due out on May 28th. It's still in production so if you have any thought about materials please let me know what you think with this quick survey.

Until next time, keep up the smart practice,

Leon Harrell