Private Lessons

Do you want to be a better musician?

Do you want to learn to read music fluently?

Do you want to learn to play music by ear?

Do you want to learn to play new music more quickly with less frustration?

Do you want to understand the inner workings of music?

Do you want to be able to compose music or write your own songs?

Do you want to improve your piano skills to understand harmony better?

If you want all these things and more then you would greatly benefit from taking private music lessons from the founder of the One Minute Music Lesson, Leon Harrell.

Leon’s approach to teaching music is to guide you step by step. He will provide you with fundamental building blocks to ensure you are learning the art of music throughly.

Private lessons are geared towards students own interests while at the same time covering topics common to all music including understanding harmony, rhythm reading, musical expression, and developing knowledge of musical literature.

Lessons may contain elements of any of the following topics:

  • Music Theory (Chords, Scales, Harmony, Structure)
  • Aural Skills (Playing by ear, Dictation, Solfege)
  • Composition & Songwriting (Writing music, Music analysis)
  • Piano Skills (Chords playing, Classical or jazz piano method)
  • Basic Musicianship (Reading music fluently, Rhythm exercises)
  • Musical Literature & score study (The history of music and great musical works)
  • Preparation or tutoring for University or Conservatory (Teaching and testing)

All lessons are conducted via Skype video chat and last 1 hour. Lesson times will be arranged to fit your schedule and may be held as often as you like, but you are encouraged to take them weekly.

If you would like to be contacted about taking private lessons with Leon Harrell click here.


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