Premium Lessons

Here you may purchase premium lessons a-la-cart for $0.99 cent each. Some lessons include a worksheet as a PDF file. After purchasing a lesson you will receive an email with a download link for the lesson and the PDF file if the lesson has a worksheet.

PreviewLesson DescriptionLengthWorksheet IncludedAdd to Cart
Lesson 1.0 - Pitch Letter Names2:13YesAdd to Cart
Lesson 1.1 - Sharps and Flats4:11NoAdd to Cart
Lesson 1.2 - Double Sharps and Flats3:06NoAdd to Cart
Lesson 1.3 - The Pitch Wheel3:22NoAdd to Cart
Lesson 1.4 - Generic Intervals3:08NoAdd to Cart
Lesson 1.5 - Specific Intervals4:14NoAdd to Cart
Lesson 1.6 - Compound Intervals2:01NoAdd to Cart
Lesson 1.7 - Interval Compliments4:52NoAdd to Cart