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  • Ahmad

    i am your first and biggest fan :D

    • leonharrell

      Thanks Ahmad,

      I appreciate the compliment. Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests for upcoming lessons.

  • Bea

    Hi Leon, So very glad I found your website, I have decided to go back to school for music and your method is really helpful to me. Are you going to publish the book? Go Pirates!

    • leonharrell

      Hi Bea,

      Yes, ultimately I will publish my book, but I am only at the very beginning of the writing process for the full book. I will be updating and adding new lessons in the next few weeks. I am currently completing my doctorate in music composition so these past couple of weeks have been hectic but I will be making a new lesson soon. Be sure to signup for the free newsletter if you havent already so you can stay posted on the new lessons.

      Glad to hear that the One Minute Music Lesson helped you out,

      (PS, Go Pirates!, Cards! and the Fighting Illini!)

  • Eve

    Hi Mr Leon,I really am surprised and so glad I found your site untill this morning.I can’t leave my computer,since that moment.I have back and hips problems so I can’t sit to much but the lessons are so short and well explained that after each lesson I sleep a while.Thank you very much and keep on doing the good work.I signed up for the ebook but l also want the newsletter.Thanks a lot.

    • leonharrell

      Thanks Eve, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the lessons.

  • teacher Anne

    Great job Leon! :-) I am a Music teacher and I use ur YouTube videos to teach Music Theory to slow-learning adults. :-) Your contribution to Music Education is really amazing. More power to you. :-)

    • leonharrell

      Hi Anne,

      I am glad you like the lessons and are sharing them with your students. Let me know if you have any requests for upcoming lessons.

  • SNEEky

    Hi Leon,

    Your lessons are good! You explained very clear. It helped me so much. Thanks a lot!

    • leonharrell

      Your very welcome SNEEky, let me know if you have any questions you would like to see answered on the next post.

      • steevefrancois

        thank you leon for helping people who want play piano,your lessons helping me a lot

        • leonharrell

          You’re Welcome! Let me know if you have any specific questions or need help.

          -Leon Harrell

  • John

    All i got was an attachment with your business card. Not exactly what I was expecting. I guess the saying “Nothing is free” or “if it seems too good to be true” applies to this.

    • leonharrell

      Hi John,

      Did you not receive the ebook download? Let me know if you need help with the download.

      -Leon Harrell

      • John


        • leonharrell

          Hi John,

          Were you able to get to the video on the Eastman Counting System and simple meters? Let me now if you have any questions.

          -Leon Harrell

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  • http://---------- Dariush Fallahi

    That is very nice that you are helping the other without any cent.