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The 4 Secrets To Learning to Read Music for the Beginner

Hi One Minute Music Lesson Fans, Everyday I get emails from people looking for the secrets to reading music. And I know what you’re thinking … there are no secrets it just takes years to learn it. Well to be … Continue reading

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74 of the Best Resources for Beginning Piano Players and Professional Pianists

74 Best Resources for Piano Players Pianists

Hi One Minute Music Lesson fans, I find myself recommending certain books, pieces and information over and over again to my piano students. So to save myself and my students time I decided to make a recourse list of the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Music Theory Books

Top 10 Music Theory Books

Hi One Minute Music Lesson Fans, Here is a list of 10 of the best books on music theory. Each is suited for a specific type of musician. My #1 recommendation is a textbook used in most university music schools … Continue reading

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Goal Setting vs. New Year’s Resolution

Never Too Old

**** Special New Year’s Discount Coupon at the end of this post **** Hello One Minute Music Lesson community, A new year often triggers a shift in our mind to re-evaluate our life and the current path that we are … Continue reading

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The 4 Best Programs For Interactive Sight Reading Practice Sheet Music

The 4 Best Programs For Interactive Sight Reading Practice Sheet Music

Hi One Minute Music Lesson fans, Using interactive sight reading software is a great way to practice sight reading daily. By using a program that generates a steady stream of new sight reading material you can easily and efficiently practice this skill. Also … Continue reading

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Top 10 Facts About Learning How to Sight Read Music Notes and Rhythms

Sight Reading Secrets

Hi One Minute Music Lesson fans, Learning how to sight read music can be a very mystifying process for the beginning or amateur musician. But there are 10 facts about about learning how to sight read music notes and rhythms that you must know in … Continue reading

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Review: The Concise Beatles Complete

The Concise Beatles Complete Book Cover

Hi One Minute Music Lesson Fans, Today I wanted to share with a review of one of my go-to books when I just want to play some tunes and have a fun jam session on my piano at home. I … Continue reading

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Recommended Listening: Ravel’s Miroirs, Movement 3 – Une Barque sur l’Ocean

Today I thought I would post a favorite piece of mine that doesn’t get enough play because it is so difficult to perform, but so beautiful to listen to. This piece is the third movement from Maurice Ravel’s piano suite “Miroirs“. This … Continue reading

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Short Sight Reading Exercises

Sight Reading Genie

Sightreading Genie by is a great tool for beginning sight readers. This tool allows you to choose from 4 difficulty levels and proves you will a large amount of short musical examples to play. It is designed for piano … Continue reading

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Chord and Scale Fret Finder Tool (For Guitar, Bass and Mandolin)

Learning the notes of scales and chords can be a laborious process and often times students need a good resource for checking the accuracy of them. Although you can learn how to construct chords and scales from memory there is … Continue reading

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I’m giving away 25 FREE private music lessons!

[ Sorry this give away is now over, but don’t miss out on the next one, sign up for my free newsletter and receive notification when the next give away will be.] As you may know I have begun offering private music … Continue reading

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Acoustic Fingerpicking for Beginners

Acoustic Fingerpicking for Beginners Lesson 1a by Lisa McCormick of Instructor: Lisa McCormick, Speciality: Acoustic Fingerpicking  Website: This four-step fingerpicking pattern is a powerful building block for fingerstyle guitar. For this pattern, play the sixth string (Low E) with a … Continue reading

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