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Short Sight Reading Exercises

Sight Reading Genie

Sightreading Genie by is a great tool for beginning sight readers. This tool allows you to choose from 4 difficulty levels and proves you will a large amount of short musical examples to play. It is designed for piano … Continue reading

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Sight reading agility

eMusic Theory Piano Keys

Do you test your sight reading agility? Today I wanted to post a tool that is useful for practicing your sight reading agility. This Piano Keys trainer from allows you to adjust the difficulty level from beginners to advanced. This tool … Continue reading

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Guitar Fret Trainer Tool, Learn the Notes of the Fret Board

Fret Finder Screen Shot

Once again, one of my favorite sites for music theory tools has done it again. This time Ricci Adams site has created a guitar fretboard trainer that is different than any other I’ve seen. This Fret Trainer allow you … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 6 – Accidentals

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