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How to Make Practicing Piano Scales More Fun and Efficient

Practicing Piano Scales

Hi One Minute Music Lesson fans, Piano Scales… Every music student knows that they are important to know, important to play and definitely important to practice. But… Practicing your piano scales can be boring, especially if you don’t have the … Continue reading

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Understanding Music Theory – Lesson 25 – Major Scales

C Major Scale

Scales are the foundation of most music. A scale is a pattern of intervals that repeat every octave that is built on a tonic pitch. A tonic pitch is the first pitch of a scale. The tonic pitch is also … Continue reading

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Chord and Scale Fret Finder Tool (For Guitar, Bass and Mandolin)

Learning the notes of scales and chords can be a laborious process and often times students need a good resource for checking the accuracy of them. Although you can learn how to construct chords and scales from memory there is … Continue reading

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