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How to Read Music – Lesson 23 – Octaves

An octave is an interval. The interval of an octave is the distance from one pitch to the same pitch 12 half steps away. When you are reading octaves on sheet music they always fall with one note of the … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 15 – Simple Meter

Simple meters are meters that the beat is divisible by 2. You can easily tell if a meter is a simple meter by the top number of the time signature. If the top number is 2, 3 or 4 then … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 8 – Alto Clef

DOWNLOAD THE FREE ALTO CLEF POSTER HERE The alto clef’s proper name is the C clef. This is because it’s pointer points to middle C. The C clef is a special clef, because it is a movable clef. Wherever you … Continue reading

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Every Major and Minor Chord Possible

To Download this Free Poster CLICK HERE This poster shows every possible major and minor chord that is a 3-note triad. Also it shows the enharmonically equivalent triads. If you need a quick refresher on how enharmonics work watch Lesson … Continue reading

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Free Treble & Bass Clef Notes Poster Download

Click here to download a free Treble & Bass Clef Note poster.

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