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How to Read Music – Lesson 17 – Eastman Counting System (Simple Meters)

The Eastman Counting System is a method of counting rhythms using a mixture of numbers and syllables. We will begin learning this system with the simple meters. The 3 basic rules for counting any┬árhythm are: 1. Say the number of … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 16 – Compound Meter

Compound meters are meters in which the beat is divisible by 3. You can easily tell if a meter is a compound meter by the top number of the time signature. The top number can be any number divisible by … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 13 – Bars and Bar Lines

A bar, also called a measure, divides and organizes music into meter. A bar doesn’t really mean anything until it has a meter, or time signature. In a bar with the time signature of 4/4, the bar will contain 4 … Continue reading

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