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3 Mistakes You Are Making When You Sight Read Sheet Music

Reading Intervals 2

Hi One Minute Music Lesson fans, Continuing with my series of posts on improving your sight reading ability, today I wanted to tell you about 3 of the most common mistakes students make when learning how to sight read and … Continue reading

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Understanding Music Theory – Lesson 24 – Octave Equivalence

In our last lesson we learned about octaves and octave numbers. Since a pitch has the same letter name in any octave it considered to be a part of a pitch class. A pitch class is a term used to … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 23 – Octaves

An octave is an interval. The interval of an octave is the distance from one pitch to the same pitch 12 half steps away. When you are reading octaves on sheet music they always fall with one note of the … Continue reading

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Understanding the Guitar Fretboard

Guitar Fretboard

In this guest by post by Dan Vuksanovich, from, we will explore the guitar fretboard. The guitar fretboard can be a bit confusing for beginners, or even for people who have played other instruments, such as the piano, where … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 21 – Specific Intervals

A specific interval is the distance between any two notes measured in halfsteps. A specific interval will be different from the generic interval because the generic interval is the number of lines and spaces, which will not line up with the number … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 20 – Generic Intervals

An interval is a musical measurement between two notes. A generic interval is the measurement of the lines and spaces between two notes. To find the generic interval between two notes begin by counting the number 1 on the bottom … Continue reading

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