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Ear Training Game: Speaker Chords

Speaker Chords

Ear training can be difficult and frustrating because¬†you need a couple essential elements to be successful. 1. You will need material to practice that is at your skill level. 2. You will need a variety of material, so you don’t … Continue reading

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Chord and Scale Fret Finder Tool (For Guitar, Bass and Mandolin)

Learning the notes of scales and chords can be a laborious process and often times students need a good resource for checking the accuracy of them. Although you can learn how to construct chords and scales from memory there is … Continue reading

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Every Major and Minor Chord Possible

To Download this Free Poster CLICK HERE This poster shows every possible major and minor chord that is a 3-note triad. Also it shows the enharmonically equivalent triads. If you need a quick refresher on how enharmonics work watch Lesson … Continue reading

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