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What does sponsoring One Minute Music Lesson get you (beyond the appreciation of a life-long music lover and music theory nut)?

Well, you’ll get a sidebar button on every single page of this highly-trafficked site as well as a monthly in-post shout out complete with an image and a text-link that will forever live on our site.

Your sidebar ad will earn you daily exposure to hundreds of budding musicians primarily interested in music theory and easy to play music. One Minute Music Lesson attracts:

  • Over 5000 pageviews per month
  • A worldwide readership (but our average readers are 60% Male 40% Female, American, and mostly 45-55 yrs old).

Your sponsorship also means you’ll get a monthly in-post shout out. It’ll include:

  • permanent text-link to your site along with an image for each month of your sponsorship and lives forever on our site (even after your sponsorship ends)
  • The ability to reach 700+ website subscribers and 1900+ Twitter followers (who also see the sponsor shout-outs)
  • A potential Google pagerank boost (an outgoing link to your site not only drives traffic, it can actually help your site’s ranking)

So what are the options?

One Minute Music Lesson offers three ad sizes that will appear on every single page of the site for the duration of the sponsorship (each of which comes with the aforementioned monthly sponsor shout out).

  • The Prelude: 214 x 107 pixels, $25 a month
  • The Sonata: 214 x 313 pixels, $50 a month
  • The Symphony: 214 x 688 pixels, $100 a month

  • You may design your own ad or Leon can create a simple ad for you, although it is highly recommended that you use a designer for the graphic design.
  • We offer monthly and quarterly commitments (with a 10% discount built into the 3 month package).
  • NOTE: This site does not offer text link advertisements or sponsored posts.

But wait, there’s more…

It’s completely optional, but if you’d like to offer a special discount to OMML readers (ex: 15% off any purchase by entering “OMML” at checkout) this often drives up interest and sales of your product/service even more. We’ll happily spread the word in the monthly shout-out posts but we’ll also post it for all to see on our sidebar during your entire sponsorship. And of course the readers love this too. It’s win, win.

If you want to advertise on One Minute Music Lesson, just say the word.

E-mail Leon Harrell at to get your ad placed today!