Unlimited Free Blank Manuscript and Sheet Music Paper

Hi One Minute Music Lesson Fans,

As a composer I am constantly in need of manuscript paper, the paper used to write down music notation or sheet music.

This is a special type of paper that consists of only blank staves is extremely expensive to purchase pre-printed, especially in archival quality paper. This is why I no longer buy it all. Instead I make my own. And ever better I make it with a free tool.

I exclusively make my own manuscript paper using a variety of tools, but one of my favorite and easiest to use tools is BlankSheetMusic.net‘s manuscript generator.

This tool will allow you to create blank sheet music paper with many options available to you that normally are only found in expensive notation software like Sibelius or Finale.

To start creating your blank manuscript paper choose a clef type: Blank, Treble, Bass, Alto, Tenor, Percussion, 4-5-6 or 7 String TAB, or any other option listed such as Grand Staff.

Then choose the scale of the staves. Not the musical scale like C Major, but the visual scale or dimensions of the distance between each line of your staff.

You can change the page orientation to landscape or portrait. When making sheet music portrait is the standard for reading music, but landscape is great for composing and freely sketching ideas.

You can also add time signatures and key signatures if you wish, but I usually leave this off so my paper is a bit more flexible in how I can use it.

Give it a try at BlankSheetMusic.net. I recommend using no clef and a scale of 1.38, which will give you 8 staves per page for blank manscript paper that is easy to write notation on with a pencil.

Do you have any other tools you use for generating blank sheet music for free? Let me know in the comments below. I am always looking for new tools to share with you all, especially high quality free ones.

Until next time: Practice Smart, Not Hard.

Leon Harrell

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    • Todd Snow

      Hi, Leon. Just found your site. It’s fantastic. I have played guitar for many years and fiddle around on a piano. I don’t read music [yet], but have an acute ear. Anyway, I draw my own ‘Grand Staff’ with a ruler, etc. It looks good, but takes time. I’ve also drawn one up and printed off a few. I’m sure a ruler is not the tool you have in mind. But areas I need work in right now are notation and time. Thanks for this site. T.

      • leonharrell

        Hi Todd,

        Thanks for your comment. I have used the old ruler technique before in a pinch. It will get the job done but it slows down the process quite a bit.

        Let me know if you have any questions about notation or rhythm. Feel free to email me at oneminutemusiclesson@gmail.com .

        Good luck with your progress,

        Leon Harrell

    • CurtisLessons

      BlankSheetMusic.net is DOWN!! This is Horrible. I use this site ALL the TIME!