Top 10 Ear Training Tools

Here are a list of 10 of the best ear training tools software and websites that I have used in the past to teach students ear training. Most of these tools are free or cost very little.

My two personal favorites are EarMaster 6 (Click here to get a free 7-day trial), a comprehensive ear training software and the ear training exercises at which has interactive flash-based ear training tools.

Here’s the list:

If you have any favorite ear training software or site you like that you don’t see in this list, let me know about them in the comments below.

Also, if you have struggled to learn ear training in the past you may be interested in learning about Leon Harrell’s music theory and aural skills beta academy.

Until next time: Practice Smart, Not Hard.

Leon Harrell

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  • alfred

    Here another elegant online ear trainer:

  • Anne

    Excellent idea!! Many people will be benefited, i will introduce this to those who come across me, Thanks for sharing.

  • CCM

    this is also a really good list of ear training resources that are current:

    • leonharrell

      Hi CCM,

      Thanks for the awesome resources! I’m really intrigued by the software. It looks really unique in its approach.

      -Leon Harrell

  • Terry Metcalf

    What you do know about this software? Claims to have been around 30 years.

    • Leon Harrell

      Hi Terry,

      I have seen this product in music magazine since I was a little kid. I don’t know a lot about it but I can tell you that it teaches the skill of relative pitch, also known as ear training.

      From the list of lessons included it seems like a decent product, but I have never used it personally. I will tell you that no ear training product will work unless you practice a lot AND most importantly you sing along an learn to sight-sing. Regardless of what instrument you play you must train your inner ear by using your own voice.

      As some people would argue, you can play things by ear without doing this, BUT…. you will progress to a much higher level of ear training ability by internalizing your inner ear through vocal singing.

      Just look at an example from jazz guitarist George Benson. He is a great example of singing what you hear in your mind and transferring that to your fingers to play it via the voice. Here’s a video of Benson’s version of “This Masquerade” to demonstrate:

      Overall it’s probably a fine product however I would recommend you read my review of EarMaster because I think interactive software is MUCH better than any course that does not include some kind of interactive feedback. Here’s a link to my review:

      This review is for version 5, but version 6 is out now and it’s even better than 5.

      Let me know if you have any more questions and thanks for getting in contact with me,

      Leon Harrell

      • Terry Metcalf

        Leon, thanks a bunch for taking time to comment. This is all new to me and I appreciate very much your input. I think I will take your advice and try the Earmaster. I am not a singer as I cannot carry a tune. I do play piano, new at it,and hope I can enhance my ear somewhat as it should be helpful.

  • Ian Murphy