Top 10 Free Music Theory Websites

Hi One Minute Music Lesson Fans,

Here is a list of 10 of the best sites online for free music theory lessons and materials.

My two personal favorites are, a site for teaching music theory from the most basic concepts by using short video lessons and which has interactive flash-based music theory tools.

Most of the sites in the list contain information about music theory and worksheets or interactive tools for learning concepts of music theory.

Also, before you go, if you are looking for more detailed music theory courses and information than these sites provide, check out my post on the Top 10 Music Theory Books.

Top 10 Free Music Theory Websites

  1. One Minute Music
  2. Music
  5. Jazz Guitar Online
  6. Dolmetsch Music Theory
  7. Music Theory on
  8. BerkleeShares
  9. Music Theory for Songwriters
  10. The Tonal Centre

I’d love to hear from you

If you have any favorite free music theory sites you like that you don’t see in this list, let me know about them in the comments below.

Finally, if you have struggled to learn music theory concepts in the past simply email me any questions you have and I will happy to help you find the answers you have been searching for.

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Leon Harrell

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  • Scale Tapper

    Hi I thought I’d let you know about the free music theory site I’ve been working on Scale Tapper: Online. It allows you to quickly visualize scales and chords at a glance in all keys. It’s also available as a paid app on the App Store for iPad and iPhone: Scale Tapper.

    • leonharrell

      Thanks for letting me know. I will check it out!

      Leon Harrell

  • Taylor Daynes

    this website is fairly good and has improved my music theory knowledge incredibly. it covers topics note reading, intervals, scales, expression marks, vocabulary, chords and symbols and meter. It is a great website for beginners and onwards..

  • Neill Blokland


    It takes a different approach to music theory for guitar players and is especially useful to people who have struggled with learning music theory in the past.

  • Renee Easter

    I just found your site, and am eager to show it to my kids. I like for lots of free theory worksheet printables.

  • Victoria Williams

    Feel free to take a look at my site which has free music theory lessons aimed at students taking exams: :)

    • Leon Harrell

      Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for the resource, your site looks great!

      -Leon Harrell

  • zhi zheng

    guitariq is a iOS app to help someone learn music theory by playing a virtual guitar!

  • Glory St Germain

    HI Leon, Thanks for the info. Please check out I’d love to
    hear from you! Have an awesome day. Teach with Passion, Glory St.
    Germain :)

  • Jin Rui

    Is my site good enough to be put up? it has a page about piano theory