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How to Read Music – Lesson 21 – Specific Intervals

A specific interval is the distance between any two notes measured in halfsteps. A specific interval will be different from the generic interval┬ábecause┬áthe generic interval is the number of lines and spaces, which will not line up with the number … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 20 – Generic Intervals

An interval is a musical measurement between two notes. A generic interval is the measurement of the lines and spaces between two notes. To find the generic interval between two notes begin by counting the number 1 on the bottom … Continue reading

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How to Read Music – Lesson 19 – Triplets and Duplets

Triplets are 3 notes that fit in the same rhythmic space as 2 of the same notational value. Triplets are used in simple meters when we need to show a rhythmic value that would normally be found in compound meter. … Continue reading

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